Excel 2003/2007 in two live sessions

- an overview

If you’re quite  new to spreadsheets or if you’ve used Excel for a while but would like to be more efficient then this is the one for you. It’s our star class!  

This is one of the most powerful and satisfying classes you'll ever take. 
You'll be amazed that you could become so expert so quickly!

From entering and selecting data, to conversion and calculation using formulas and functions. Linking data to and from your files, across networks, and graphing the results - it's  hot! You'll learn to easily handle documents like financial statements, invoices, expense reports, earnings statements and perform any kind of calculation and graphing, sorting, trend analysis and much more. 
You'll also be expert at reverse-engineering other peoples' spreadsheets
- most important because you're going to inherit many spreadsheets created by others and we show you how to see and understand easily how they work. Once you know that, you can safely make changes.

We'll even teach you how to automate many of the reports you produce !! 
This alone will
really save you time and make you a star at work!!

Session 1 - In the beginning....
You'll be introduced to the concepts of modern spreadsheets. We'll show you how you can take any math problem and enter the data and formulas correctly and efficiently to get the most accurate results fast.

Then we'll go through:
Menus, toolbars, help system
Workbooks, Worksheets, moving around the Workbook
Selecting Cells - tricks and power tips
Entering data
Formulas and links
Relative and absolute references - for fantastic productivity
Filling cells, copying, pasting - power tips
Power-editing and Power-formatting

Session 2 - Advanced concepts, Editing, Graphing and Analysis....
A quick recap of your Session 1 to refresh your memory and then:

Advanced formatting
Conditional Formatting
Math Functions, Financial and other functions
Data analysis with trend lines, straight-line trends
What-if analysis
Reverse-engineering of other peoples' spreadsheets
Tables and lists, sorting and filtering
Saving and sharing spreadsheets

You'll be a serious power-user of Excel by the end of this two-session class and will be really confident with Excel. We guarantee that you'll never forget how to do the things we teach you. 

We also show you how Excel 2007 differs from previous versions - it's mostly only the menus that have changed, so when we teach you this class, you'll be just as powerful, whichever version you're using at work. You'll be 'version-independent' - no matter what Microsoft does to alter Excel in the future, you'll be just as adept at using it. 

You can ask questions and we'll answer live, right on your screen, with examples and clear explanations. You can even send over a spreadsheet and we'll attempt to solve it during the class.

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