10 reasons for choosing SPX for your training needs:
1.No traveling or parking hassles, crowded conference rooms for you! 
- that's a huge advantage and time-saver and vastly more efficient
2.You can ask questions and get instant answers in class
and that means you get virtually one-on-one attention - you just can't beat it
3. You gain a deep knowledge of the program in a single day
we're experts at business automation - we teach you how to automate the tasks that normally eat away your time. 
4. We have an exciting and dynamic training technique 
- that's proven to teach you a great deal more in a day and really make it stick. No 'canned' curriculum here!
5. Our instructors are experienced business professionals 
not just trainers and they can answer questions about your unique situation and about the special interaction of many programs
6. We teach all the tricks for doing the most with the least
our classes cover the latest techniques for getting the most out of the software you use, while memorizing the least. 
7. All the attendees are working professionals like you 
- so you'll be in good company. We are geared toward people who can't afford to spend more than a day away from their busy desk.
8. We feature 'Beginner/Intermediate' classes 
- that's right - they're combined - a great cost and time saving! - You won't be left behind if you're a novice and you won't be bored if you're not!
9. The classes teach you to be 'version-independent'
- rather than being on Office 2003 or 2007 etc, you'll learn the core skills that yield the most power without becoming obsolete the next time a new version emerges.
10. We provide ongoing support
If you have taken one of our classes and then you have a question about the software while at work you can always e-mail spxtrain@spxdata.com and we'll gladly help any time - free of charge.
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