Exciting, Empowering Microsoft Office Training
Nobody beats us at teaching Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Project or Access

We're inviting you to sell seats for us in our live, online classes...
You can do it from home or from anywhere. You can sell to people anywhere in the USA too because people can attend our online, instructor-led classes from far and wide. 


The product: An instant huge boost in productivity for individuals and their companies

Without spending days learning, without traveling, without leaving their desks..

We're unbeatable at boosting productivity and it's an easy product to sell.


Our edge
Take a look at this concept - a program like Excel is huge - you could spend the next month learning it - it is capable of being a complete processing engine - it also has hundreds of functions built in for specific engineering tasks, financial calculations and so on. Also Microsoft makes sweeping changes to it every year - just for kicks, it seems! 

So - do we teach Excel like all the other trainers do? 
NO!! We teach people how to eliminate many hours of work every month by using a subset of Excel's power. Nobody in their right mind would learn Excel for Excel's sake - why would they? Where's the Return On Investment? What our attendees get from our class is a huge instant leap in productivity. We teach them how Excel really works under its fancy facade - once they know how it works and what it is capable of doing then we show them where the biggest ROI is - that's why they come to us. We're expert at getting people to understand and retain the core of Excel, Word etc. - the most powerful features - not the esoteric stuff - they can get that from the help system.  They leave our classes feeling empowered, capable and confident. Other trainers teach the people who think they need to sit and learn Excel like a book (poor them!).


We REALLY know our market  
We've learned from several years of teaching 1-day classes in these subjects and getting feedback forms from our attendees. - we're not interested in trying to teach the home user or the slow-poke, 'retail' user of Microsoft Office - Excel, for example, in an 8-hour class - it doesn't work - we're really effective at teaching the huge numbers of busy, employed and time-challenged people who need to get a rapid charge-up of their skills with Excel or Word, Powerpoint, Access etc and who have no time to spare to hang with the slow-pokes, trying to glean a few useful things they can use at work. They need a class that teaches them how to handle business-grade documents and they need it NOW
Some of them have inherited files created by people who are no longer at the company, for example. They have to come up to speed fast - figure out how those people did it - how the calculation works and then take control of the program.
 They'd love it if someone would come to their desk and give them a private class and give them a huge boost in their productivity, save them time at work - and that's exactly the kind of experience we provide. They're accustomed to learning a bit faster and that's the way they want it. We're unbeatable at teaching those people and having it really 'stick'!


Some people are concerned that there won't be enough hands-on work in an online class so let me address that concern here: We have plenty of hands-on exercises that people can do between their two online sessions of a class, that reinforce everything they learned - sample files that we send them that will both test their retention and remind them of how things work.. They have a whole week to do that usually - they'll only need an hour or two - and we take questions and do demos again to answer those questions during the first part of their Session two.

They also have a set of pre-written notes to refer to, which we sent them with the headset when they registered for their class. We wrote them because we don't want them trying to write a book in the class when they should be just watching what we're doing and taking it in.

That's how we've done it for years and it works really well. Remember - they're here to learn WHAT they can do with Excel - the how-to part is easy - after our class they will already know what they're trying to accomplish - the commands to do it are easy - it works like Google - press F1 for the help system, type in the few key words and they get the how-to instantly. You don't need to remember commands any more - that's the old-school method and it is not the most efficient way today. 

OK - that's enough about the actual classes.... now ......on to selling the seats.....


Your job as an independent Sales Agent 
You don't need to write up orders! - the customer will do that online - just get the customer to go to our SPXtrain website and book a class. We do a pretty good job of  persuading them on that website too.
Once they come to a class we do a fantastic job of teaching them and we sell the heck out of them too. We make them feel confident and encourage them to come back for more classes. We show them how to make a lot of their workload simply disappear !- they go back, tell others at the company how great the class was and we ask them to tell their HR dept. That usually gets a flow of bookings started - you get your commission on all of them! 

It's simple - if they use your Discount Code then you get the commission - and they'll want to, in order to get the pricing. It's almost fire-and-forget for you. People also come back for several other classes that we offer too. Any leads that we get through those customers go back to you to help you to get more business. So if we can get them to give us the contact at their HR dept - we'll get any contact details back to you right away.  

How do you sell? 
By personal contact - at least initially with a new client company. Through your existing contacts too.
We've never done mass mailings as a rule - people automatically toss out those pieces. We always did it by telephone calling and through a pool of contacts that gradually widened as we reached out and taught more and more people. Of course we had to get people into our actual physical classroom, so we had a more difficult job in that respect. Now we can teach the same classes nationwide, with the attendees sitting at their desks with a microphone headset on - many are at work - taking a 4-hour class session.
We don't have lead lists to issue to you - we recommend the personal contact with companies local to you initially and then spreading out to their branches in other cities and by referral. However, it is your choice. We just provide a great product for you to sell - we're selling an instant, huge boost in productivity with the MS Office programs - that's it in a nutshell.

Companies say they're cutting back on training 
They think they can't afford to send people out for training but they're wrong - this is different - now they can't afford not to - we're not selling them just run-of-the-mill training classes - we're selling them an instant major boost in the productivity of their employees. Individuals want this too - to make themselves more valuable to their companies, less dispensable. 

So - don't just fold if they try to give you the brush-off - tell them to sign up just two employees and they'll see for themselves how much more capable those people will be afterwards.

Commissions - a simple system to track them
We pay $40 per seat
sold for full price - you will receive a salesperson code, which you put on all your correspondence with prospective customers but they will know it as Discount Code.

We typically sell seats for $229 (including 2 sessions) and will pay you $40 for every seat where your Discount Code was used.  We'll pay you $60 per seat for the first 5 seats, just to get you started.

How it works: You drive the customer to our website, they'll choose their classes and register with us. We then contact them to clear their credit card payment and we will always ask for their discount code - that's how we know who sold the seat.

Then we ship out their class pack - containing their free microphone headset and their class materials, notes etc for the class.

We will pay commissions promptly every two weeks.

We want to pay you lots of commission dollars 
                                - it means our class seats are filling!



 Independent Agents
  This is a 1099 position - we will issue 1099's at the end of the tax year for all money paid in commissions
You are completely independent agents and not employees or representatives of SPX. 

We're excited to welcome you and will do everything we can to help you to obtain sales.

We discourage discounting of our pricing for obvious reasons however our intention is to make it easy for you to be successful. If we have to occasionally discount up to 10% for groups from the same company coming to a class then we can work with you.  However we defend our pricing because we offer email support to people after they leave the class, which is another big advantage over the other training companies.

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  To Sign up as a Sales Agent please Register here 

- After you've signed up we'll supply you with your Discount Code and will send you an initial pack containing 25 each of our promotional materials to get you started. They consist of really attractive folding cards and bookmarks and we think people will always keep these on their desk - that's the goal.  But we can't supply these for mass mailing.  We'll send you out 50 more of these once you have made a sale. Other materials are downloadable, so you can print as many as you need - There is a sellsheet.pdf file you can download, along with some other introduction letters we'll send you that have been very effective for us and that you can customize for your use.

When you register to become an agent there is an industry-standard Sales Agent agreement we'll ask you to sign, if you decide to go ahead.  We hope you do!!

You'll see this Robot everywhere on our site and on our marketing materials - it represents Automation - we teach people to completely automate much of the work they need to do in Excel, Word etc. - reports, analysis etc - we show them how to build little 'machines' to do the work for them automatically and that's a huge selling point for us.

A short history of SPX: 
The company was founded in 1989 and we mostly wrote custom software on a consulting basis for automating business tasks. We also  began special, intensive, one-day training classes in Microsoft Office subjects designed for busy, employed professional people who needed to rapidly charge-up their skills but didn't have the time to spend more than a day doing it. 
We've been very successful in that regard and have taught employees from an impressive list of client companies including: SCO, Cellular One, Plantronics, Netflix, Granitrock Company, Seagate, Martinelli Company, Thunderbird Real Estate, Rainmaker, EMU Systems, Diversey-Lever, O'Neill Surfing, Devcon Construction, Big Creek Lumber, Meridian data Systems, Dominican Hospital and many more.


Teaching in a physical classroom environment, we were limited to 5 persons per class and to a local geographic area. Now we can teach the same classes to 100 or more, nationwide!  People raved about our classes - they'd never learnt so much in a single day and had it stick in their mind.  We have hundreds of feedback forms from them from the classes they took with us. We adjusted the class content constantly to address any issues that appeared and to include things people needed. The result was a large, dedicated following of attendees.
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