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When you need serious charge-up training  
Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Project or Access and others too ..
this is the place to come to. Nobody else can teach you to master them like we do!

Our edge
Take a look at this concept - a program like Excel is huge - you could spend the next two weeks learning it - it is capable of being a complete processing engine - it also has hundreds of functions built in for specific engineering tasks, financial calculations and so on. 
Also Microsoft makes sweeping changes to it every year - just for kicks, it seems! 

The other trainers still teach the old way - you learn slowly because there are so many commands to memorize.
So - do we teach Excel like all the other trainers do? 
N0.. We teach people how to eliminate many hours of work every month by using the most useful of Excel's features.

Nobody in their right mind would learn Excel for Excel's sake - why would they? It will change with the next version, just like it always has, so where's the Return On Investment? What our attendees get from our class is a huge instant leap in productivity. We teach them how Excel really works behind its fancy facade - once they know how it works and what it is capable of doing then we show them how to master it without memorizing masses of commands - that's why they come to us. 

We're expert at getting people to understand and retain the core of Excel, Word etc. - the most powerful features - not the esoteric stuff - they can get that from the help system.  They leave our classes feeling empowered, capable and confident. Other trainers teach the people who think they need to sit and learn Excel like a book (poor them!).

So you're really coming here to learn how to save many hours of work every week - how to totally automate and error-proof your work!! - and these desktop tools are just a means of accomplishing that goal. Learn how to master them fast and efficiently.

First you see what the programs can do for you, next you learn the simple tricks that take the work out of learning them and how to become completely version-independent - immune to the constant changes that Microsoft makes to them!


Some companies say they're cutting back on training 
Some think they can't afford to send people out for training - no budget - but they're wrong - this is different - it is not the classic, run-of-the-mill form of training that other companies offer. We deliver an instant major boost in the productivity of their employees.- and they get that boost right at their desk, in two 4-hour sessions, without traveling anywhere.

This current business climate is exactly the RIGHT time to charge up their skills - to make maximum use of your resources.
We'll free up their time for other tasks by showing them how to automate much of their work.

The bottom line... We give people a huge productivity boost in  Excel, Word, Powerpoint or Project in two powerful sessions! 

Some people are concerned that there won't be enough hands-on work in an online class so let me address that concern here: We have plenty of hands-on exercises that you can do between your two online sessions of a class, that reinforce everything you learned - sample files that we send you that will both test your retention and remind you of how things work.. You have a whole week to do that usually - you'll only need an hour or two - and we take questions and do demos again to answer those questions during the first part of your Session two.

Taking Notes
You also have a set of pre-written notes to refer to, which we send you with the headset when you registered for your class. We wrote them because we don't want you trying to write a book in the class when you should be just watching what we're doing and taking it in. You can even send a file to us to use in the class and we'll explore it and teach you how to handle it.

That's how we've done it for years and it works really well. Remember - you're here to learn WHAT you can do with Excel - the how-to part is easy - back at work after our class you'll already know what you're trying to accomplish because we showed you in the class - however you may have forgotten. No problem - the commands to do it are easy and we teach you the way to get the software to remind you of its commands to do everything! You don't need to remember commands any more - that's the old-school method and it is not the most efficient way today - because those commands are going to change.


A quick note about out Beginner/Intermediate classes: Our classes are for beginners and for intermediate users, who are perhaps familiar with the software already, but want to become extremely powerful with it. 

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