Exciting, Empowering Microsoft Office Training

  Do you want to become really confident with Excel, Powerpoint, Word or Project?
- even automate many of your regular tasks? - of course you do!

 The problem...


You need the knowledge now
Don't have time or money to waste on a weak, lightweight class
Have no time to waste traveling, parking etc
You need to handle business-grade documents with confidence
You'd really prefer one-on-one training if it were available
 The solution...
  Take our live, dynamic class online, right at your own desk
Do it in two sessions with an expert instructor, on your own PC
You'll become totally confident and will really gain productivity
Speak with the instructor, ask questions, get instant answers
It's like a one-on-one, private class
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              or read the Top 10 reasons to choose SPX...
Online, Live, Instructor-led, on your own PC or Mac,  
                         -ask questions in class, get instant answers.
  Our friendly staff will show you our  
Class Schedule
and help you to register
We love automation! 

Invest in yourself...
Invest two half days - at your own desk - and just  $229* and you'll gain an 
instant huge boost in your productivity with Excel, Word, Powerpoint or Project

NOBODY beats us at teaching people how to learn and retain these complex programs

You'll be ready for demanding situations, ready to really perform and handle any version of MS Office

It's simple..
1. Register for a class
 2. Receive the headset and guides by mail  3. Log in to the live class 
.....and get a huge productivity boost !

*With Discount Code from your sales agent - Includes everything you'll need - free microphone headset, both  sessions, Reference guide and notes for the class

Buy with confidence - We have taught employees from an impressive list of client companies including: 
SCO, Cisco, Cellular One, Plantronics, Netflix, Granitrock Company, Seagate, Martinelli Company, Thunderbird Real Estate, Rainmaker, EMU Systems, Diversey-Lever, O'Neill Surfing, Devcon Construction, Big Creek Lumber, Meridian data Systems, Dominican Hospital and many, many more.

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